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Dear Friends:

I am currently using every ounce of energy and every bit of faith that I have to fight a very rare and serious form of lung cancer that is typically incurable -- even with advanced medical technologies and medicines.  The weeks from mid-December to mid-January were the worst thus far, which included emergency hospitalization on Dec 24-25 to keep me breathing. 

Thanks to the amazing grace and supernatural power of Jesus, however, I am now gradually getting better, although I still have a long uphill climb before I can breathe again without being connected to an oxygen concentrator running at its maximum oxygen setting.  And it will be a long time before I will have enough energy and restored muscle mass to be able to stand for more than 5 minutes or walk more than a few feet without passing out or triggering a heart attack.

God continues to speak to me daily (and nightly when breathing difficulties keep me awake), telling me through His Holy Spirit and through the Bible that my current situation is not preparation for an early death but rather some absolutely essential training to transform me into a radically new and better person in preparation for radically new and better work in the final decade(s) of my life.  Therefore, I remain very positive and hopeful, in spite of all the very severe breathing challenges, physical weaknesses, and sleeplessness.  


Your continued prayers are GREATLY valued, for I am quite confident that they are a very important and essential part of God's gracious plan to heal me.  Surely, you will be richly rewarded in Heaven and on Earth for your godly efforts.

Check out my Blog for more details.

Warmest regards,

Thomas Orr

Currently, Thomas Orr Consulting, LLP, is no longer a consulting business; but rather, it is now a voluntary work of love to pass on some of the wisdom that I have learned over the past 61 years to others who might find some value from it.  

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